My name is Tammy Tarsa and I, along with my husband Nathan, own Holli Home Health Care.  If you are visiting our website, it is likely that you are actively looking for home health care agencies and therefore have a general idea of the types of services we offer.  Just in case, though, I will offer you a brief overview of our company.

Holli Home Health Care is an independent, local family-owned home health care agency.  We specialize in Helping Others Live Life Independently.  If you look under our services tab, you will find an inclusive services offered list. What I generally tell people is that we do everything but climb ladders and use power tools.  I say this because we know that the needs of each person, family and situation are different.  We don’t cookie-cutter any care plan.  Instead, we base our care on the medical, physical and emotional needs of our clients and their families.   We believe strongly that the need for assistance does not occur in isolation. Our nursing team completes a total needs assessment in addition to speaking with clients and their families prior to developing the care plan.  While this speaks to what we do, I feel it is important for you to know who we are and why we do what we do.

“When the hard things happen to us it enables us to be there for someone else later.”

In 1996, I was the mother of a beautiful eleven month old baby boy and was simultaneously expecting our second child.  Life was good but it is amazing how fast things can change.  I went into labor, four weeks early and completely unexpected.  My labor progressed rapidly and that afternoon our daughter, Holli Anne, was born.   What should have been a joyous occasion turned into a life-altering event that not only changed who I was but also shaped my future and who I am today.

Holli was born very sick.  I did not get a chance to hold her or hear her cry as she was whisked away to NICU immediately following her birth. A few hours later she was baptized and transferred by air to Grand Rapids Butterworth Hospital NICU where she remained for six days before passing away.

During those six days, my husband and I rarely left her side, memorizing every detail of her tiny self.  We spoke with specialists, doctors and nurses and learned that hope was futile and that her life would be much shorter than ours.  We held her as she died and cried a life’s worth of tears in those hours.  As you can imagine, this alone changes a person’s life and it did.  But what shaped my future is what also occurred in those few days.  While we were by Holli’s side, those doctors and nurses were standing by ours.  The care WE received, the tears that were cried for US and the support that was given as we made decisions that no parents should have to make were, well…words cannot express what that meant to us.

We returned to Traverse City and resumed a life that was different than we had planned.   I relinquished my job and stayed home with our son.   I spent hours researching the diagnosis that Holli was given and attempted to discover what the chances were of having another child with a same illness.  I went back to school…I became a nurse!

I believe it is important for you to know that what I do is about something more.  It’s about giving back because I have been given so much.  It’s about caring for people as I was once cared for.  It’s about compassion, kindness and love.

I can’t promise that we will be perfect in every way but I can promise we will provide the best care possible.  Life is too short to do anything less.