Effective communication, though not always easy, is an essential part of the care management plan. 

  • Communication between the client and their care manager will ensure that we know everything that the client desires and is experiencing from medical issues to general daily living concerns. This will enable our managers to make adjustments and suggestions that best meet the client’s overall and future needs as well as addressing their immediate care concerns.
  • Communication between the care manager and the family will ensure that everyone is kept up to date with current and future care in a concise and understandable form and that all concerns are addressed in a timely manner. An inclusive communication style that allows the care manager to gain knowledge from family history and past medical events and allows for family input and expression of concerns.
  • Communication between the care manager and all medical providers in order to maintain consistency of care and complete transparency when dealing with existing and future medical needs. This would include all doctors, dentists, physical therapists, pharmacists etc. creating a central location for all medical orders and concerns and one person organizing and keeping efficient records. This also allows for the proper detailed information to be given to your health care providers and information relayed to the client in an effective language that everyone can understand and interpret.