Care management is a service provided by Care Managers (or CMs). These services are designed to help families with an immediate care need as well as to create and implement long term care plans.   As each care plan is designed to meet the personal needs of the individual and/or family, they vary widely.

In addition, Care Managers help close the gaps created by fragmented care. Working collaboratively with physicians, nurses and other medical professionals and resources, Care Mangers advocate, communicate and manage resources for higher quality, cost-effective care.

As well as being licensed by their different professional backgrounds (i.e. registered nurse, therapist and social worker), Care Managers also receive specialized training and are board certified.

Although most often an out of pocket expense, Care Managers usually save families money. By completing a total needs assessment, Care Managers are better able to align an individual’s present condition with only those services that are necessary at that point in time.  Additionally, the convenience and security Care Mangers provide can ease the burden and worry associated with the aging process.